Wild horses are getting used to a new environment well; gradually they are forming a new herd

2015 - 02 - 03

First weeks in new surroundings, more than 1,200 kilometres from their original home in English Exmoor, that is what a group of fourteen wild horses have been through. The mares are getting used to central European conditions in an acclimatization enclosure in central Bohemian Milovice.

‘‘It seems the horses feel safe in the new surroundings, they relax lying down and they use the whole space of the enclosure. They have learned to drink from a …

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Historical event: wild horses are returning to Central Europe after centuries

2015 - 01 - 28

A first herd of fourteen wild horses has enriched Central European nature today. A non-state reservation in a former military training area in Milovice became their new home. It is the first and only herd of wild horses in Central and Eastern Europe.

The wild horse, which belongs to the original animal species in Europe, was exterminated by humans on the continent. Wild living horses, however, survived in a rough mountain area in Exmoor in …

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Revolution in science: the wild horse looked completely different, genetic research has found

2014 - 12 - 31

Chapters in zoology textbooks devoted to wild horses which have been published in last eight decades are, in large part, invalid. European wild horses actually looked different than scientists have believed since the 1930s. This arises from the study Wild Horse and Aurochs: key species for landscape formation, on the origin of which there participated scientists of The Biology Centre of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, South Bohemian University, Charles University and The …

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An enclosure for the first herd of wild horses has been finished

2014 - 11 - 30

The enclosure with an area of forty hectares has been finished near the town of Milovice, which is situated about 26 kilometres from the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. In a few weeks it will become home to the first herd of Exmoor ponies. At the end of this year the first fourteen mares should be brought from Great Britain, next spring the herd will be completed by a stallion. As the herd …

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The sea surface has risen the most for the period of 6,000 years, scientists say

2014 - 10 - 17

An average twenty-centimetre sea surface rise which has occurred since the beginning of the 20th century is unprecedented during last 6,000 years. It is stated in a study by an international team of scientists according to which there is a global climate change and glaciers melting behind this dangerous phenomenon.

The study published in a current issue of Proceedings magazine of the American academy of sciences compares the sea surface level during 35,000 years from …

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