In Germany they have released wisent into the Wild

2013 - 04 - 12

Yesterday Germany became another European country where there occurs the wisent population living freely. The biggest terrestrial mammal of the old continent was released into the nature yesterday in the mountains Rothaargebirge in a federative country of North Rhine-Westphalia. The locality is situated in the western part of the country, about two hundred kilometres far from the borders with the Netherlands. The wisents were released into the nature by German conservationists.

“I would like to …


Cool spring is a consequence of climate changes, scientists point out

2013 - 03 - 29

Fresh snow and temperatures below zero. The first spring days in many European countries look like that. The unusually cold beginning of spring is, in fact, one of the consequences of climate changes according to climatologists.

Although global temperatures have been growing for over a long period, weather oscillations can cause, according to scientists, cooling down in some parts of the world. As it has been happening in Europe recently. The cause are the dramatic …


Eastern Europe will be threaten by big droughts in twenty years, a study warns

2013 - 02 - 28

The countries of Eastern Europe can be threaten by big drought in next twenty years. It is brought to the attention by a publication of an American intelligence service National Intelligence Council. It sums up global trends and possible development directions until the year 2030.

The report warns that about the year 2030 water can be a bigger dispute object in the world than mineral wealth and energy. In Europe, in the train of climate …


The project on the return of wild horses stirred up public interest

2013 - 01 - 31
The project on the return of wild horses stirred up public interest

A recent release of European Wildlife´s new project which deals with the return of wild horses  stirred up the interest of the public. This very much proves how exceptional  the relationship between  the horse and man is.

„We were addressed by several breaders ofExmoorand Hucul ponies who are keen on joining the project or who offer us their animals. Also, a lot of horse lovers woud like to help take care of the horses,” says …

The project on the return of wild horses stirred up public interest

Year 2012: the extreme weather, glaciers melting and faster sea level increasing

2012 - 12 - 31

This year, as well as eleven previous ones, will rank among the warmest years in the history. Meteorologists have recorded a wave of extreme heat in 2012. The arctic glaciers have decreased in a record way in the last ten months, between March and October there melted the ice area of 11.9 million square kilometres.

The time between this January and October was the ninth warmest in the historical charts which have record the measurement …


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