The quality of the third of European forests is getting worse

2011 - 12 - 06

The third of European forests is in a worse condition than ten years ago. This negative development is mainly caused by the climate changes. European Wildlife conservation organisation reminded that at the occasion of a continuing United Nations Climate Change Conference 2011.

“European forests have a key significance not only for the environment but also as natural water reservoirs for European agriculture and the continent inhabitants, too. If politicians in Durban do not find an …


Fish and molluscs disappear fast, shows The European Red List

2011 - 11 - 22

European rivers are not in a good condition. This is shown by The European Red List, published on Monday by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). According to the researchers findings a big part of freshwater fish and molluscs have fallen into the category of endangered species.

The experts assessed the state of aproximately six thousand European animals and plants They have found out, that 44% of all freshwater molluscs, 37% of freshwater …


The founder of European Wildlife organization has obtained an award The Act of the Year

2011 - 11 - 11

Dalibor Dostal, the founder and director of European Wildlife organization, has obtained a prestigious award The Act of the Year. The award in the media category was given to him by OKD Foundation, which is the second biggest company foundation in the Czech Republic. He was given the award as a journalist for his voluminous trilogy dedicated to the biggest company donors, the biggest foundations and the biggest company foundations.

“I very appreciate this prize. …


Hunting is not a solution. Neither for wolves nor for bears

2011 - 11 - 09
Hunting is not a solution. Neither for wolves nor for bears.

The European Wildlife conservation organisation calls on the governments of Sweden and Bulgaria to a permanent stop the hunting of large carnivores in their territories. Sweden re-established wolf hunting in 2010 after forty-five years. This year, in the mid of September the hunting of wolves was though stalled because of the European Union criticism, but they want to continue it next year. Bulgaria set this year an annual brown bear hunting quota for the first …

Hunting is not a solution. Neither for wolves nor for bears.

Where do children breathe the worst? Unfortunately in Europe

2011 - 10 - 20

These children do not have a very lucky childhood. A big part of the year they breathe the air full of dust and dangerous pollutants. Almost forty per cent of them suffer because of it from a dangerous illness – asthma. We do not speak, nevertheless, about an industrial suburb of Chinese Beijing, a shanty town of Indian Bombaii or slums in Rio de Janeiro.

The children just in the centre of Europe suffer like …


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