First wild horses graze in the mountains on the border of the Czech Republic with Austria. More will follow them

2024 - 05 - 31

First wild horse mares were transported today by conservationists to the mountains on the Czech border with Austria. The animals, captured in the European Serengeti reserve in the former military training area of Milovice near Prague, joined the back-bred aurochs that have been inhabiting the site since the turn of this year.

The new reserve was established on private plots of land and is used for research purposes and for restoring the local ecosystem. “We …


The large herbivore reserve, European Serengeti, wins the Sustainability Star 2024 award

2024 - 04 - 30

Another notable award has been given to the reserve for wild horses and other large herbivores located in the former military training area of Milovice, not far from Prague. Its founder, Dalibor Dostal, collected the Sustainability Star 2024 award today. This award is granted by the scientific council of the prestigious Sustainability Summit conference that was held in Prague.

“I would like to express my great thanks for this award. For the first time, our …


A new herd of wild horses from the large herbivor reserve European Serengeti were released by conservationists to Bird Meadows

2024 - 03 - 30

A group of seven young stallions, born last year on the European Serengeti close to the city of Milovice, near Prague, were released several days ago into the wetland reserve known as the Josefov Meadows Bird Reserve, established by the Czech branch of Birdlife International near the city of Jaromer. 

“We have expanded pastures significantly at Josefovské louky (“Josefov Meadows”), and that’s why we needed a new group of horses as their grazing is crucial …


The exchange of European bison from several breeding groups will help enhance the genetic diversity of a new reserve for large herbivores

2024 - 02 - 28

Two bison bulls were transported by conservationists from the European Serengeti reserve, which is located in the former military training area of Milovice near Prague, to the Zidlov game reserve, managed by Military Forests and Farms in the former military training area of Ralsko.

The transport of the first two animals marked the start of a new bison breeding group in the Lipno reserve in south Bohemia. It has been home to a herd of …


The fifteenth large ungulate reserve has been established on the border of the Czech Republic with Austria

2024 - 01 - 30

In January, the fifteenth reserve for large ungulates, created in part thanks to the conservation organisation European Wildlife, was established in the mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Austria. Conservationists transported a second bull of back-bred aurochs there from “European Serengeti” reserve near Prague. The first grown-up bull was transported there already in late 2023, but capturing the second animal came off only with a delay.

“No capture of an animal for …


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