Summer time coming will cause more needless animal massacres on European roads

2019 - 03 - 30

Fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders, weakened immunity. These are the consequences of winter and summer time changing for the majority of European inhabitants. The savings of energy, for which the winter and summer time changing was put into practice, have not been seen for many years though.

In 2018 the European Union decided, on the basis of the research among the European public, to cancel time changing. The members of the European Parliament, however, have recently …

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50 years later: the largest Soviet base after the occupation of former Czechoslovakia in 1968 has changed into a wild horse and wisent paradise

2018 - 08 - 21

A military area, taken by occupation units after the Soviet forces invasion into the former Czechoslovakia on 21st August 1968, had various fates after the soldier’s departure in 1991. A former military area in Central Bohemian Milovice has come through a huge transformation. It has changed from the largest Soviet base in Czechoslovakia into a world unique reserve with wisent and wild horse herds.

The military training area in Milovice had a strategical meaning for …

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Number of wisents in a nature reserve in a former military area has almost tripled in two years

2018 - 06 - 15

Two and half years after the foundation of large herbivores reserve in a former military area in Milovice, not far from the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, the number of wisents has passed twenty individuals. Yesterday evening another two young animals were observed in the reserve for the first time. Currently the number of the wisents in the reserve has reached twenty-one individuals.

The number of animals has almost tripled since the reserve’s …

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Wild horses are settling down in Podyji National Park, they came today from Exmoor, England

2018 - 05 - 10

Two herds of wild horses from Exmoor in England have come today to Podyji National Park, close to the borders of the Czech Republic and Austria. The wild horses will help with the care of two unique localities in Podyjí National Park and protect them against aggressive kinds of grass and bush regrowth.

Eleven of the rare animals came in a special truck. “The wild horses are after the journey longer than 1,700 kilometres. We …

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Wolf sighted in wisents and wild horses nature reserve. It was captured by a camera trap.

2018 - 04 - 24

After big herbivores, beasts of prey have also appeared in the former military area of Milovice, not far from the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Shots of a wolf were found by scientists while assessing records from camera traps situated in the pasture of wisents and wild horses.

The camera traps captured the wolf as it come to the pasture reserve, and also an hour and half later inside the reserve. Never before, or …

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