The Uruz is rising from the dead. Scientists are reviving the aurochs; the first herd is coming to the heart of Europe tomorrow

2015 - 10 - 12

Hardly any other animal had such an importance for European history as the aurochs. An ancestor of domestic cattle, which is up to today the main source of milk and one of the main meat sources for mankind, it belonged to the main game of prehistoric hunters for thousands of years. Its horns decorated helmets of the bravest Germanic warriors, later in the Middle Ages they were wrought with gold and served as cups at …

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The wild horses are going to be watched by flying drone

2015 - 06 - 26

The latest techniques are going to be used in the following days to continue a scientific programme of the wild horses return project coordinated by European Wildlife organisation. On Monday and Tuesday experts are going to start monitoring a rare steppe locality at Milovice, in central Bohemian in the Czech Republic, with the help of a remote-controlled unmanned plane – a so called drone.

Non-commercial flights for scientific purposes should bring a lot of useful …

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Wild horses from the heart of Europe have flown around the world, from Japan, via the USA to Australia

2015 - 05 - 29

A unique project of European Wildlife organisation has caught the attention of leading world media on five continents. The return of wild horses to Milovice, a former Soviet Army military area, has in the past days became the most followed news item from the Czech Republic in mainstream media abroad. American titles The New York Times and The Washington Post, for example, have a report about it in their on-line versions.

Identically they notice the …

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The herd of wild horses is complete; a stallion has joined a group of mares

2015 - 04 - 06

After about a four-day long journey, a seven-year-old stallion called Northcroft Firestarter arrived in Central Bohemian Milovice today, half an hour after midday. It joined a group of fourteen mares which has been in this locality since 28th January. The transport with the stallion set out from the north-east of England on Thursday, April 2nd, and they left the port of Dover in the south of England on Saturday, April 4th.

“The stallion was apparently …

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The first herd of wild horses has today run onto a pasture in a former military area after the Soviet army

2015 - 03 - 21

Instead of Soviet army tanks there are wild horses coming from England. That is what it looks like, from today, in the former military area of Milovice in the Czech Republic, which was occupied by one hundred thousand Soviet soldiers and their families for two decades. While the last transport with the Soviet soldiers left Milovice on 19th June 1991, today fourteen wild horses have been released into the former exercise area.

The animals were …

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