An eleventh reserve for large ungulates is being created near the border with Poland

2022 - 12 - 31

An eleventh reserve for large ungulates in central Europe, in the formation of which the conservation organisation European Wildlife took part, is being established in these days near the town of Krnov, not far from the border of the Czech Republic with Poland. Two bred-back aurochs, which will be joined by three wild horses during January 2023, are currently found in the pasture reserve.

Their mission in Krnov is to graze on the area of …


Scientists have found plastics in the dung of large ungulates. This may threaten the animals’ health

2022 - 12 - 23

The plastic pollution of landscape is starting to be a serious problem even in areas that are among the most valuable in terms of nature in central Europe. The reserve for large ungulates, European Serengeti, in the former military training area of Milovice near Prague has been facing an increasing burden of plastic waste in recent years as well.

This area represents by far the most extensive continuous lowland flat complex of natural open biotopes …


An unbelievable transformation. Hundreds of hectares of blooming meadows have replaced species-poor grassland

2022 - 11 - 30

Hundreds of hectares of originally degraded stretches of land in the former Milovice military training area near Prague have undergone an incredible positive transformation over the last seven years. Following the introduction of natural grazing of large herbivores, the species-poor grassland was replaced by species-rich pastures in bloom.  It is the grazing of wild horses, bison and bred-back aurochs in particular that has turned the former military training grounds into a unique reserve nicknamed European …


One of the rarest beetles of central Europe has returned to the reserve for large herbivores. It was released there by scientists

2022 - 10 - 27

Scientists have introduced one of the rarest beetles of central Europe to the former Milovice military training area. The critically endangered horned dung beetle is considered extinct, for example, in the western part of the Czech Republic, and it is found in the eastern part of the country at several last sites near Mikulov close to the border with Austria.

“The horned dung beetle is a coprophagous beetle and its larvae and adults feed on …


Planting trees is not enough. Climate changes will not stop without large ungulates

2022 - 09 - 30

Grazing of large ungulates is crucial in mitigating climate changes and carbon storage. Experts pointed out this fact based on scientific studies from recent years.

“Grass and savanna ecosystems – grasslands – represent one of the most significant long-term carbon sinks. In Europe and Asia these usually consist of park-like meadows with growths of woody plants which are called forest steppes. Despite losing their area in recent history, pasture ecosystems today represent a substantial part …


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