European Wilderness: only one per cent remains. Help us protect it.

2010 - 07 - 02

Wild, beautiful, unfettered. Such was the nature on most parts of the European continent for thousands of years. Then it disappeared, being replaced with fields, roads and industrial zones. However, in some parts of Europe the Wilderness still exists. There are species which still can be seen by inhabitants of the European continent, like majestic European Bisons in Białowieża Forest (ancient woodland straddling the border between Poland and Belarus), huge bears in the mountains of …

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2000 - 08 - 24
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Students from an international school have helped to prepare pastures for wild horses

0201 - 09 - 14

Today there has started an enclosure preparation for wild horses right in the terrain in Central Bohemian Milovice. An important help was provided by volunteers from Townshend International School from Hluboka nad Vltavou in South Bohemia. One ten of students and two pedagogues were mapping black dumps in the locality and potentially dangerous structures, as holes, deep ditches, wires sticking up from the ground and things like that all the day. They put every place …

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„Only one per cent of European Wilderness remains. Help us protect it!“

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