New wild horse reserve established today thanks to collaboration with Birdlife International

2023 - 12 - 08

Another significant milestone in the development of the Monks Meadows bird park managed by the Czech branch of the conservation organisation Birdlife International was today’s release of four wild mares that arrived at the site from the European Serengeti large ungulate reserve near Prague.

“There are currently three dominant plant species here – reed canary grass, common nettle, and great manna grass. The horses will suppress the dominant grass and nettle species by grazing, providing …


New reserve for wild horses established as part of the European Green Belt opens today

2023 - 11 - 24

A new wild horse reserve established near the municipality of Krasna near the town of As as part of the European Green Belt opens today. The site is located in the Bohemian spur surrounded by German territory.

Three wild mares were transported there this afternoon from European Serengeti, a popular large herbivore reserve not far from Prague.

“The newly established site is the westernmost reserve in the Czech Republic and the first in the Karlovy …


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robots and drones. European scientists are developing a system to combat invasive species

2023 - 10 - 31

Large-leaved lupine, Canada goldenrod and giant hogweed. These are just some of the invasive plant species that after being introduced to Europe by humans have begun flooding the nature of the old continent.

Invasive species cause damage worth approximately EUR 10 billion in Europe every year, and, on top of that, they push native species out of the countryside. “Combating invasive plants is very demanding and difficult. It requires the commitment of a large number …


Eight bison calves have already been born in the large herbivore reserve this year. The most in its history

2023 - 09 - 30

Eight calves of the rare European bison have been born already in the large herbivore reserve in the former military training area of Milovice near Prague this year. It is the highest number in the 10-year history of this unique reserve.

“There is an optimum environment for bison in the reserve. This is also shown by the fact that we succeed in reproducing these rare ungulates regularly. Eight bison calves have been born this year, …


Rare European bee-eaters are nesting directly in the large ungulate reserve for the first time this year

2023 - 08 - 31

Brightly coloured European bee-eaters nested in the territory of the large ungulate reserve in the former military training area of Milovice near Prague for the first time this year. Scientists discovered their typical burrow-like nests at two locations in the pasture reserve.

“Three years ago ornithologists registered that a few pairs of European bee-eaters were flying into the large ungulate reserve. However, they were nesting outside the pastures of large herbivores at that time. This …


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