Climate changes have brought to the Arctic Ocean not only glaciers depletion but also huge waves

2014 - 08 - 08
Climate changes have brought to the Arctic Ocean not only glaciers depletion but also huge waves

Climate changes have still new consequences for nature and man. In the Arctic Ocean there are disappearing glaciers because of the warming. In the train of it the surface of the free sea is getting larger. And on it there start to appear big waves during storms which were not found in this area in the past. Scientists measured waves of 5 metres height in these areas.

A continuous ice surface usually began about 160 …

Climate changes have brought to the Arctic Ocean not only glaciers depletion but also huge waves

Original jewels will help save butterflies in central Europe

2014 - 07 - 31

JK Jitka Kudlackova Jewels, a leading jewellery company, has decided to support butterfly rescue. The company has prepared an original jewel collection inspired by disappearing gems of European meadows – butterflies. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the collection called “Our Butterflies” will serve to rescue endangered butterflies.

Butterflies belong to the most beautiful but also the most endangered inhabitants of European nature. During the years 1990 to 2011 the number of …


This May was the warmest in the measurement history, in Europe heat hit Spain

2014 - 06 - 30

This May was the warmest May ever on the Earth in the temperature measurement history. That was announced by American experts from American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who were cited by AP agency. The average temperature on the Earth in May reached 15.54 degrees Celsius and broke a four-year-old record. In April the average temperature on the Earth matched a record value from year 2010. Historical records about temperatures go back to year …


The wild cat is back. Camera traps have caught it after sixty years

2014 - 05 - 31

The wild cat has returned to the Czech Republic after more than sixty years. That can be seen in snaps from camera traps in National park Sumava and Beskydy Protected Landscape Area. The photos were taken in 2011 and 2013, but experts have published them now. For a long time they were verifying if the snaps really were of the wild cat.

The information has been made public by Friends of the Earth Czech Republic …


The beginning of spring in Europe was extremely dry and warm

2014 - 04 - 30

Proceeding climate changes presented themselves by extreme weather in Europe during recent weeks. This March was mostly very warm and dry on the continent. For example, in Slovakia the average monthly air temperature in March exceeded the level of 10 degrees Celsius for the first time in the whole history of measuring. The record was broken at almost all the Slovakian meteorological stations. In Košice, for instance, the temperature was about 5.5 degrees Celsius above …


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