Climate changes have brought to the Arctic Ocean not only glaciers depletion but also huge waves

2014 - 08 - 08
Climate changes have brought to the Arctic Ocean not only glaciers depletion but also huge waves

Climate changes have still new consequences for nature and man. In the Arctic Ocean there are disappearing glaciers because of the warming. In the train of it the surface of the free sea is getting larger. And on it there start to appear big waves during storms which were not found in this area in the past. Scientists measured waves of 5 metres height in these areas.

A continuous ice surface usually began about 160 kilometres from the land. In the past years it used to be, however, 1,600 kilometres from the land. The more free surface there was for the waves to their disposal, the bigger dimensions they grew into. The bigger the waves were, the larger area they created into which wind could rest and make thus other waves.

The waves have an affect on melting of the rest of ice cover. They break it with their strength and like that the trend is only stronger. Big waves have bad effect not only on glaciers. They also influence coastal areas. The waves in fact work on coastal permafrost in an erosive way.

What is more, the big waves will be a considerable complication for shipping transport. Because of ice depletion in the Arctic Ocean shippers hoped for a possibility of opening shorter transport journeys for this area. The extreme waves, however, could mean a considerable risk for a ship voyage in these places.

“Climate changes still show how various world areas they can affect and what negative consequences they can have for nature and man. Greenhouse gases emissions decreasing should therefore get much more attention and effort from developed countries,“ stated Dalibor Dostal, the director of European Wildlife conservation organisation.

Photo: Flickr / David Joyce

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