European butterflies face extinction, landscapes lack large herbivores

2011 - 04 - 08

European nature is losing its most precious jewels. In many parts of the continent, butterflies are becoming extinct. Nine percent of European butterflies are threatened with extinction, whilst a third of some four hundred and eighty two European butterfly species have experienced a decline in their population.

What is the reason for this? Intensive farming on one hand, climate change, intensive tourism and abandonment of farmland on the other. That is why butterflies are losing …

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Slovakia: Eastern Imperial Eagles were poisoned, confirmed authorities

2011 - 03 - 31

Two Eastern Imperial Eagles which were found in the middle of February in Western Slovakia were poisoned. This announcement was made by the local National Veterinary and Food Institute.

The birds died after eating Carbofuran – poison that is illegal in all European Union countries. Despite the ban, in many countries Carbofuran is still being used for poisoning predators such as foxes, pine martens and other smaller species of birds of prey. In Slovakia, offenders …

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This year can bring the first eaglet after more than a hundred years

2011 - 03 - 16

The eagles in Beskydy mountains in the Czech Republic could have their first chicks this year. Such offspring would be the very first species of the Golden Eagle to be born in the Beskydy area after more than a hundred years. If this turns out right, it will be thanks to a project dedicated to reintroduction of these majestic birds of prey into this location – the project that was introduced by Animal Rescue station …

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European Lynx – a new visitor of two national parks

2011 - 02 - 22

Some good news has come from Bohemian Switzerland, a national park which is situated in the northwest of the Czech Republic. A lynx was seen in this area. Its presence was captured by a photographic trap.

For the staff of the national park it was the first direct evidence that the lynx is indeed inhabiting this location. In the past it had left its footprints in the snow, claw marks on the trees or deer …

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The king of the forest is going to return to Central European nature

2011 - 01 - 26

European Bisons are going to return to the forests of Central Europe. Their release in the forests that lay on the borders of the Czech Republic and Germany is in the hands of the European Wildlife conservation organization. The return of the largest herbivore on the continent to this part of Europe is also one of the projects of the European Centre of Biodiversity.

“European Bisons had been an integral part of local countryside for …

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