Awaiting the first wolf pack continues

2010 - 12 - 21

For more than a hundred and thirty years the largest complex of forests in Central Europe has been waiting for the return of the wolf pack. According to experts, Sumava National Park and Bavarian Forest National Park on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic are indeed the areas which could provide refuge to at least two packs of wolves.

The last wolf living at that area was shot on 2nd of December 1874. …

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A “Noah’s Ark” of endangered species will be created in Europe

2010 - 11 - 11

The European Wildlife conservation organization started work on its key project today. It established the European Centre of Biodiversity, which should act as a “Noah’s Ark” of endangered species of plants and animals in Europe.

The European Centre of Biodiversity will primarily be an extensive non-government nature reservation, which should provide a habitat for a large number of endangered species. “Protecting animals in their natural environment is the most effective method of preserving them for …

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Developing countries need an example not lecturing

2010 - 10 - 29

Europe has confirmed its role as a leader in the field of biological diversity. The director of the European Wildlife conservation organisation, Dalibor Dostal, appreciated the procedure by the European Commission and individual European countries at the international Conference for protection of worldwide natural diversity and fair use of natural resources, which has just ended in Nagoya Japan.

The European Union can be credited with negotiating compromises, which enabled acceptance of the new strategic plan …

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Protection of biodiversity – Europe must make a greater effort

2010 - 10 - 08

Europe must do more for the protection of biodiversity. This was a statement by the director of the European Wildlife conservation organisation Dalibor Dostal in response to a survey by the European Commission confirming that EU states had not managed to stop the decrease in biodiversity by 2010.

“Europe needs new protected areas, but primarily functioning bio-corridors, which would connect existing national parks and nature reservations so that key species of animals can migrate between …

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European countries have contributed to the protection of biodiversity in the seas

2010 - 09 - 24

The European Wildlife conservation organization has applauded today’s decision by the Ministers of the Environment of the European Union, who have agreed on creating several protected zones in the Atlantic Ocean, where fishing will be prohibited. This decision will result in creation of the first network of such areas in the world, which will not fall under the protection of the government of one country, but will be protected internationally.

“The European Union has taken …

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