Volunteers from the conservation organization European Wildlife distribute shopping for senior citizens during the coronavirus pandemic

2020 - 04 - 09
Volunteers from the conservation organization European Wildlife distribute shopping for senior citizens during the coronavirus pandemic

Volunteers from the conservation organisation European Wildlife help senior citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. They distribute shopping to people over 70 years old, who are advised by experts against leaving home during the current coronavirus pandemic. They have been distributing shopping in Kutna Hora, the historical town inscribed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage List, where European Wildlife is based, for a fortnight already.

“We have available basic protective aids such as textile masks, protective glasses and disinfectants. We strive as far as possible to reduce the risk our workers becoming infected, and thus also the senior citizens to whom we bring shopping,” said Dalibor Dostal, Director of European Wildlife.

The conservationists will disinfect the vehicle loading area after every shopping trip in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading along with the shopping. The conservation organisation provides the shopping distribution service free of charge as part of their voluntary activities.

The shopping distribution concerns foodstuff and chemist’s goods, but does not include drugs or other articles. It takes place every day from 5 to 7 p.m.

This help is especially designed for people who can’t be cared for by their family and who do not use social services, services of charities, etc. “Of course, our capacity is very limited. Regardless of our current efforts, the work connected with the reserve of large ungulates takes up fifteen hours a day or more. However, in countries which have managed to control the spread of coronavirus, the procedure was based on a sufficient number of respirators and other protective aids, disinfectants, large-scale testing, and, in addition, on the engagement of non-profit organisations. Therefore, we try hard to offer at least some modest help within our capacity,” added Dalibor Dostal, and continued: “The public have been helping us with our conservation projects, with the rescue of wild animals and creation of reserves, for a long time. Therefore, we are trying to repay people for their long-term help in these hard times, at least symbolically.”

In 2015, this conservation organisation set up a reserve for large herbivores at the former military training area of Milovice near Prague. It became the first reserve worldwide where all three key species of large ungulates of Europe live: the European bison, wild horse and aurochs.

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