Large herbivores have significantly helped endangered butterflies. Their numbers have risen by hundreds of percent over a five-year period

2021 - 12 - 29

In the past five years, the number of butterflies in the large herbivore reserve in the former military training area of Milovice near Prague has grown significantly. While carrying out regular monitoring, scientists have found out that the number of butterflies has increased from 4,592 in 2016 to 12,506 in 2021. That means an increase by 172 percent. The numbers of the rarest butterfly, the mountain Alcon blue, have even grown by 1,700 percent.

“The …


A tenth large ungulate reserve has been created in Central Europe thanks to the European Wildlife conservation organization

2021 - 12 - 08

The tenth large ungulate reserve in Central Europe was opened today. Conservationists released wild horses into wetland meadows near Nyrany in the west of the Czech Republic. It is the third large ungulate reserve in the region, and the tenth reserve of its type to be created in Central Europe with the involvement of European Wildlife.

“The wetlands are located in the place of a former pond. It is a place of interest for nature …


The grazing of large ungulates has saved an endangered flower. Its numbers have increased by 367%, with the numbers of young plants rising by thousands of per cent

2021 - 11 - 30

The rare plant, cross gentian, characterised by its violet-blue flowers, ranks among endangered species in Central Europe. The recipe for its rescue was tested by scientists and conservationists in the former military area of Milovice near Prague. After a reserve of large ungulates was established in the location, the numbers of this endangered flower species have increased by an unbelievable 367 per cent. In addition, the numbers of young plants have even increased by more …


A population census of endangered plant, the cross gentian, is taking place in a nature reserve maintained by large ungulates. The first days show that the large ungulates have helped the plants significantly

2021 - 10 - 12

A population census of endangered plant, the cross gentian (Gentiana cruciata), is taking place in a nature reserve maintained by wild horses, European bison and back-bred aurochs located in the former military area Milovice, near Prague. The data that scientists have collected so far show that the arrival of large ungulates has significantly helped the endangered flora.

“The cross gentian is a perennial that takes many years to respond to changes in the …


The whole reserve at the meanders of the Luznice River has been opened to wild horses for the first time today

2021 - 09 - 14

From today, the entire area of the Luznice Meanders Reserve can be used by a herd of wild horses that have been in this locality since the autumn of last year. Now they have an area of twenty-four hectares at their disposal. Of these, 17 hectares are pastures, and the remaining area is covered with pools, shrubs and tree stands.

“We brought the wild horses here last year in mid-November. However, the heavily waterlogged terrain …


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