The bee-eater, the hoopoe, or the harrier. Ornithological research confirms that the large hoofed animal reserve is extremely rich in rare birds

2021 - 08 - 31

Since the former Milovice Military Training Area, which is largely covered by a hoofed-animal reserve, is extremely rich in rare bird species. This has been confirmed by observations of ornithologists, who repeatedly monitored the area this spring.

“This is an utterly unique bird location. An exceptional refugium of bird diversity,” emphasised David Storch from the Centre for Theoretical Study at Charles University in Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences. During two days of observation, …


The reserve for wild horses has bloomed. Botanical research has identified 111 flowering species in a mere two weeks

2021 - 07 - 09

Since its establishment near Milovice not far from the capital of Prague in 2015, the reserve for wild horses and other large ungulates has undergone such a positive transformation that is hard to believe. The original neglected land of a former military area full of illegal dumps dominated by a few species of aggressive grasses has been gradually replaced by species-rich pastures.

Their diversity surprised even the scientists who conducted surveys in the location in …


In new locations for the very first time. Today, nature conservationists caught sight of bison in an extended large ungulate reserve

2021 - 07 - 06

Today, the first large ungulates were seen and photographed by conservationists in a new part of the nature reserve in the former Milovice military training area near Prague. This marked the symbolic end of efforts to save this part of the military training area, which has long been ravaged by overgrown aggressive grass species. Or possibly it was caused by inappropriate use, such as intensive grazing of livestock.

The new part of the reserve has …


Numbers of European bison held in the nature reserve of European Serengeti exceed thirty for the first time; only a few groups in the world can compete

2021 - 06 - 30

The population of European bison ranging in the former military area of Milovice near Prague has exceeded thirty animals for the first time since 2015 when the stock was founded. This significant milestone was reached after four calves were born very recently, two of them this morning. The group now consists of 32 animals.

“The European bison is one of the animal species that humans have almost wiped out. This Europe’s largest land-dwelling mammal would …


Wild stallion departed today from the unique bird reserve to Nature Park Solling-Vogler, Germany

2021 - 05 - 12

For years, stallion Northcroft Firestarter has been the harem male in the big ungulates reserve Milovice, near Prague. Since 2019, he has been raising colts in small bachelor group in the unique bird reserve in Kozmice, in the northeast of the Czech Republic. Today morning, he departed to the Nature park Solling-Vogler, Germany.

It will be performing the role of a harem stallion in a reserve in the south of Lower Saxony, which use large …


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