The king of the forest is going to return to Central European nature

2011 - 01 - 26
The king of the forest is going to return to Central European nature

European Bison is going to return to the forests of Central Europe. Their release in the forests that lay on the borders of the Czech Republic and Germany is in the hands of the European Wildlife conservation organization. The return of the largest herbivore on the continent to this part of Europe is also one of the projects of the European Centre of Biodiversity.

“European Bison had been an integral part of local countryside for thousands of years. By returning them we will pay the debt of the previous generations which contributed to the extinction of these majestic animals in Central Europe,” says Dalibor Dostal, the director of conservation organization the European Wildlife. The organization´s project is a matter of co-operation between other local protectionist organizations and scientific institutions.

European Bison and other large herbivores are now absent in Central Europe. “That is the reason why certain species, like some rare butterflies, are endangered with extinction. We believe that the return of the European Bison can indeed save those butterflies,” adds Dalibor Dostal. This is because life of many small animals depends on regular grazing of big herbivores, and without them they would not be able to survive.

In the long run, the return of the European Bison is beneficial not only for the environment but also for the wallets of tax-payers. In this part of Europe, several millions of Euros a year go towards maintaining of grassy areas while large herbivores could take care of them for free. Therefore, the return of European Bison and other large herbivores into the wild is a solution that has a positive effect on the environment whilst saving money of tax-payers.

Presently, preparations are being made for the release of European Bison into the wild. After the most suitable location and animals have been chosen, the herd will be let into its new home.

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