Wild horses and bison from the unique European Serengeti Nature Reserve capture the world’s attention once again. From the USA, to Russia, China and India or New Zealand and Saudi Arabia

2020 - 10 - 07

Prestigious global media outlets are once again interested in the reservation of wild horses, bison and back-bred aurochs. Media in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia have reported on the use of attractive, large animals for the protection of rare flowers and endangered butterflies in the former Milovice military area.

“Wild horses have once again proved that they are excellent emissaries of European nature protection on all continents. At a time when the media is full of negative news, they have managed to bring positive attention to Europe again,” says Dalibor Dostal, head of the European Wildlife conservation organization.

A report about the reserve has been published, for example, in the prestigious Washington Post. This is the third time it has printed an article about the reserve in the past few years! Other American publications have also written about the unique large herbivore reserve, nicknamed the European Serengeti. These include US News, Business Insider, Federal News Network and The Daily Herald. Reports about wild horses have appeared in local American media, such as The Seattle Times, The Portland Press Herald, Chattanooga Times Free Press and dozens of others.  The United States are not the only country where reports about the unique conservation project have appeared. News about the reserve has also appeared on the Canadian station CTV News, the Russian portal BFM and the Russian-speaking version of the Chinese TV channel NTD.

Articles about wild horses have also been printed directly in Chinese media, both in the English-language Shanghai Daily and in Chinese portals. Wild horses have also represented the European nature reserve in the Japanese national newspaper The Mainichi that has been published since 1922, in the South Korean 40tp or the Indian News Report. The reserve has also caught the attention of media in the Middle East, such as Jordanian Al Bawaba or pan-Arabic Asharq Al-Awsat published in Saudi Arabia.

The preservation of butterflies in the former military area thanks to bison, wild horses and back-bred aurochs has also been noted in the Australian publication The Press Democrat and the New Zealand version of Yahoo! News. News about the nature reserve has also appeared in Africa, with the all-time high increase in the number of bison earning a mention in the portal Enviro News in Nigeria.

The same outlet has also reported on the project in Great Britain. And the project has not escaped the attention of European media. The reserve has been mentioned by Euro News, French station News 24, Romanian Adevarul, Slovenian  RTV SLO and Moldovan Noi.

The large herbivore reserve was created in 2015, when it became the first location where wild horses, bison and back-bred aurochs all occur. In the last year and half, it has won three prestigious awards, most recently for SDGs (sustainable development goals) in the field of Climate Change.

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