The wisent bull, which was given name by students from Vienna, left today to Netherlands

2020 - 03 - 27
The wisent bull from Milovice, which was given name by students from Vienna, left today to Netherlands

Turbulent Knight from Milovice nature reserve left today to Netherlands. Almost three years old bull whose name was chosen by students of American International School in Vienna, is heading to Zuid Kennemerland National Park. He will become member of a breeding group living in coastal sand dune ecosystem in locality Kraansvlak located at the suburb of Haarlem City.

Similarly to the wisent herd in former Milovice military range, also Kraansvlak herd is facilitating grazing management of open habitats. „We are glad that wisent born in Milovice will have chance to be involved in bereeding program in Netherlands. Central Bohemian herd will leave its genetic footprint in the Dutch population hundreds of kilometers away,“ said Dalibor Dostal, director of nature conservation NGO European Wildlife, which established the reserve in 2015.

Students from Vienna supported the nature reserve of large herbivores several years ago at the time when it was coming into existence from the plans on paper. Their financial gift was then highly-valuable for creating the reserve. As a symbolic reward for their help, they could then choose the name for the first male wisent which would be born in the reserve. They liked the name Knight. The reserve was later assigned the abbreviation of TU from the international studbook for all wisent young animals born there, so the name was completed with the adjective Turbulent.

Two young wisent bulls have come from a Dutch reserve into the Czech Republic for exchange (the younger one is in the photo). Their arrival is important for genetic renewal of the Milovice herd. “Through the exchange of the animals we have managed to make a continuous line of the bulls of various age so that the young ones from the Netherlands could, in some time, replace the current alpha bull and have the young animals with the females it is related to,“ explained Miloslav Jirku of the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and continued: “Growing up alongside an alpha bull is important for young bulls. They will be brought up by an experienced male at the peak of his strength.’’ The other of Milovice males, which were born in 2017, will leave the reserve in the future.

This year one transport vehicle with new animals has already left the Milovice reserve. “The January transport of the three oldest females born in Milovice was a part of the precautions ensuring genetic variety in the herd and preventing inbreeding,“ said Miloslav Jirku.

Photo: Dalibor Dostal

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