The founder of the European Wildlife conservation organisation stars in the TV series Green Hero

2022 - 06 - 30

The founder of the European Wildlife conservation organisation, Dalibor Dostal, who was instrumental in the establishment of the large ungulate reserve in the former Milovice military training area, was featured in the TV series titled Green Hero.

The Green Hero project was created thanks to the collaboration with TV Nova, the biggest commercial TV station in the Czech Republic, and the local branch of Société Générale bank. The project aims to inspire the public to change their attitude to the environment. “Our green heroes are ordinary people but their stories and contributions in the areas we focus our attention on in the project are extraordinary. We believe that through real heroes and their stories we will provoke discussion on the impact of our behaviour on nature. The goal is to show that each of us can contribute to change, thus taking part in a greener future,” says Martina Konradova of content agency Fuse, which helps implement the project.

The former Milovice military training area represents one of the most valuable natural lowlands in Central Europe that has been preserved to such an extent. At the same time, thanks to its location near towns and a motorway the area is attractive for various development and commercial projects. “I had always thought that establishing the reserve will be the most difficult issue. It was only later that I found out that it was much harder to defend it against various pressures. The fact that the large ungulates have managed to transform the area and made it more attractive after a few years has led to an increase in plans for a different utilisation of the present-day reserve. It involves not only various construction projects in a part of the reserve or in its close vicinity but also, for example, commercial grazing of farm animals and the like,” Dalibor Dostal outlined some of the problems that the globally unique reserve for large ungulates tackles.

The reserve for large ungulates was set up in the former Milovice military training area in 2015. With its current area of 350 hectares, the reserve is the largest in the Czech Republic. It ranks among the globally most-watched conservation projects in Central Europe of recent years. It has repeatedly been featured in the media on five continents, including prestigious titles such as New York Times, Washington Post, and BBC. At the present time, there are thirty bison, two herds of wild horses, and two herds of bred-back aurochs kept in the reserve. It is the first location in the world to breed these three key large ungulate species within a single reserve. The project has received a number of prestigious awards, including the SDGs Sustainability Award in Climate Change.

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