Survey reveals: Europeans fear climate changes

2011 - 10 - 14

According to public opinion survey Eurobarometer, more than two out of three Europeans consider climate changes a very serious issue. Additionally, almost 80 per cent of people believe that adopting preventive measures against these changes may stimulate both the economy and employment.

The European public´s concern for climate changes is increasing. A comparison of the current survey with an earlier one from 2009 shows that the number of people who realize the seriousness of the situation has grown significantly. They fear climate change more that they do economic crisis.

„The European public clearly shows that climate change is indeed a serious problem. Politicians and representatives of key businesses should listen to the voices of European citizens when making everyday decisions and planning further growth of their enterprises,” says Dalibor Dostal, the director of European Wildlife conservation organization.

The survey shows that 68 per cent of all respondents consider climate change a very serious issue while almost 80 per cent believe it is a significant problem. Overall, it is considered to be a second most serious problem the world is facing. Worse than climate change is considered to be poverty, famine and lack of drinking water. However, those problems may also, in many parts of the world, be affected by climate change.

Besides, 78 per cent of respondents agree that the fight against climate change and improvement in energy efficiency could stimulate the economy and employment in the EU. The Europeans also demand that taxes were implemented according to energy consumption – 68 per cent of respondents agree on that.

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