Spain is warming the quickest of all the Northern Hemisphere countries, meteorologists warn

2010 - 08 - 01
Spain is warming the quickest of all the Northern Hemisphere countries, meteorologists warn

The southern Spanish city of Seville could have the same climate by the end of the century as Tucson in the Arizona desert of the USA. Spanish meteorologists released this warning based on a global warming study.

The maximum temperatures in Spain are projected to be three to six degrees higher between 2071 and 2100 than in 1961–1990. “If the temperatures were to rise so significantly by the end of the 21st century, the climate in Seville would resemble that of Tucson. At that time, the climate in the metropolis of Madrid will look like Seville today. In Pamplona in ​​the north of Spain, it will be as warm as in Madrid now,” said Ricardo García Herrera, chairman of the Aemet Meteorological Agency.

Moreover, these changes would result in reduced rainfalls as well. According to these projections, precipitation in Spain will be stable until 2050 compared to the end of the 20th century, but will fall by 15 to 30 percent later in 2090–2100 compared to 1961–1990.

“Climate warming poses a serious threat to Spanish nature and the country’s population,” warned Director Dalibor Dostal of the European Wildlife conservation organization. For several years now, conservationists and government experts have been emphatically pointing out the risks of the warming climate in Spain, which is called “Africanisation”. Moreover, Spain is already the driest country in Europe. According to them, in the short or medium term, one-third of the country’s territory can turn to desert.

According to the scientific report of the Spanish Ministry of the Environment in April, Spain has been warming over the past 30 years quicker than other Northern Hemisphere countries. Since 1975, the temperature has increased by 0.5 °C in Spain every decade, i.e. 50 percent more than the average in the Northern Hemisphere, the report stated.


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