Protection of biodiversity – Europe must make a greater effort

2010 - 10 - 08
Protection of biodiversity – Europe must make a greater effort

Europe must do more for the protection of biodiversity. This was a statement by the director of the European Wildlife conservation organisation Dalibor Dostal in response to a survey by the European Commission confirming that EU states had not managed to stop the decrease in biodiversity by 2010.

“Europe needs new protected areas, but primarily functioning bio-corridors, which would connect existing national parks and nature reservations so that key species of animals can migrate between individual bio-centres,” said Dalibor Dostal. The network of bio-corridors connecting nature reservations is important for Europe chiefly because of the impending climatic changes. If animal and plant species sensitive to changes in average temperature are not able to migrate further north, away from increasing temperatures, they will be doomed to extinction,” warned the European Wildlife director.

According to Dalibor Dostal other measures that are important in stopping the decrease in biodiversity in Europe include better protection of the larger carnivores and active assistance in reintroducing large herbivores into European protected areas. “Research shows that protected areas which are not inhabited by large carnivores and large herbivores are not sustainable in the long-run without human intervention. If we do not reintroduce two important groups of animals to European national parks and reservations we will not be capable of stopping the decrease in biodiversity in future years,” warned Dalibor Dostal.

According to the European Wildlife conservation organisation, even though the plan for stopping the decrease in biodiversity has been unsuccessful the European Commission deserves appreciation for its execution. “Thanks to this plan we have been successful in gaining public interest throughout Europe in protection of biological diversity. It is this support that will be very important for protection of biological diversity in future years. The European Commission and individual states have managed a great deal of work in this matter,” said Dalibor Dostal in appreciation.

The action plan for biological diversity was implemented by the European Union in 2006. Its goal was to stop the decrease in biological diversity in the EU by 2010. The conclusion published by the European Commission indicated that even though significant success was achieved in a number of areas, the overall goal concerning biological diversity by 2010 has not been achieved.

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