Scientists have revived a flower from the Ice Age, a squirrel and a mammoth will follow

2012 - 02 - 22

Russian scientists have managed to revive a flower from the Ice Age. Silene stenophylla plant is the oldest plant which has ever been revived. At the same time it is capable of further propagation. It is decorated by white blossoms with little seeds (in the photograph there is its related plant Silene vulgaris). Even earlier Canadian scientists succeeded in reviving an ancient plant, however then it was a case of a significantly younger plant species.…


Wolves are doing well in Germany, there are twice more of them than two years ago

2012 - 02 - 08
Wolves are doing well in Germany, there are twice more of them than two years ago

The wolves´ population in Germany keeps growing. At present there live 100 to 120 animals, which is about twice their amount from the year 2010.

This follows from a current survey by Society of Friends of Wild Wolves in Germany. The predators usually used to settle down in abandoned areas of former military training spaces. Since the end of the year 2011 there have been living two wolves also in Lower Saxony at Munster.

In …

Wolves are doing well in Germany, there are twice more of them than two years ago

European rivers and lakes will be cleaner

2012 - 01 - 31

The cleanness of rivers and lakes in Europe should begin to improve already next year. From year 2013 a ban on using phosphates in washing detergents will be valid.

According to the decree which was approved by the European Parliament, there may be no more than 0.5 grams of phosphorus in detergents for one dose. The same rule was finally established by the European Union also for dishwashers. However, it will be valid two years …


A climate change can totally disturb 40 per cent of ecosystems

2012 - 01 - 10

Even by the end of the century climate changes can by a principal way influence forty per cent of the world ecosystems. This is stated in a common study of NASA and The California Institute of Technology. Bits of Science server has informed about the results of the scientists.

Climate changes will lead, in the opinion of the scientists, to extensive transformations of forests, steppes, tundras, deserts or glaciation occurence. Even there where there is …


France: Bears in the Pyrenees have done well this year

2011 - 12 - 31

Bears in the French Pyrenees have brought two or three youngs into the world this year. Tourists watching has been confirmed by the management of a national park in the area of Couserans.

People on the trips not only watched the young bears, but they were also taking pictures of them. At the end of last year there were 19 brown bears counted in total at the French side of the Pyrenees

French authorities revive …


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