Wild horses for Europe – which breed is the best?

2011 - 08 - 09

European grasslands have belonged to wild horses for thousands of years. With the arrival of hunters and later on farmers , wild horses were pushed from most parts of Europe. They had to give way to their domestic relatives. In some areas domestic and wild horses lived side by side for thousands of years. But ultimately, the story of European Wild horses came to a bad end.

The last horse that was from supposedly wild …

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European Wildlife proposes using a universal charger for laptops in the EU as of 2015

2011 - 07 - 20

Landfills are slicing more and more land from open countryside each year in Europe, with disposed electrical appliances generating an increasing portion of the total volume of waste.

European Wildlife therefore suggests that the European Commission initiates the process of a common standard for laptop chargers, to be developed by European standardisation authorities, similar to that governing chargers for mobile phones initiated some time ago.

According to this conservation organisation, it would also be possible …

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One tenth of animal and plant species might be extinct by 2100

2011 - 07 - 18

In the next ninety years, up to a ten per cent of animal and plant species will be extinct. Such conclusions have been made by British experts from the University of Exeter who studied the impact of climate change on plants and animals.

The experts examined almost 200 possible variants of climate change impacts that could occur in the future and compared them with 130 reports on changes that had already taken place. The results …

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The Atlantic Ocean levels have experienced the fastest rise in the past two thousand years

2011 - 07 - 01

The level of the Atlantic Ocean has been experiencing the fastest rise in history. According to the research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is supposed to be the fastest rise in the past two millenia. The international team of experts engaged in the research also confirmed the connection between sea level rise and climate change.

Since the 19th century, the level of the Atlantic has been experiencing an …

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Hundreds of whales are facing unnecessary death

2011 - 06 - 09

About two hundred whales living in the North Atlantic are about to die this year. Icelandic whalers have been hunting Minke whales since April. Despite international outcries, this year the local authorities have authorised whalers to kill 200 Minke whales. Last year, due to diminishing interest in the meat of big sea mammals, only 60 of them were killed.

Fortunately, Iceland called off whaling of the Fin whale – a larger species of these sea …

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