Original jewels will help save butterflies in central Europe

2014 - 07 - 31

JK Jitka Kudlackova Jewels, a leading jewellery company, has decided to support butterfly rescue. The company has prepared an original jewel collection inspired by disappearing gems of European meadows – butterflies. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the collection called “Our Butterflies” will serve to rescue endangered butterflies.

Butterflies belong to the most beautiful but also the most endangered inhabitants of European nature. During the years 1990 to 2011 the number of meadow butterflies decreased by 50 per cent in Europe.

“We are very glad we can point out values and an important topic concerning our everyday being on the Earth with this project and with the help of beauty. Our previous collection “Water” including an extraordinary design and hand work draws attention to a much deeper theme connected with our everyday life in connection with respect to the nature,” explains Jitka Mlynarčík-Kudláčková, a leading jewel designer and a co-owner of family goldsmith company JK Jitka Kudlackova Jewels.

“Butterflies in Europe are dying out silently without any interest from most European firms. We are very happy JK Jitka Kudlackova Jewels Company decided to change this state and to support butterfly rescue. Our children should have a chance of seeing meadows full of colours and life,” appreciated the cooperation of the goldsmith company Dalibor Dostal, the Director of conservation organisation European Wildlife. SOS Butterflies project, started this year by European Wildlife organisation, came into being with the cooperation of leading specialists from the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, University of South Bohemia and Charles University.

The most modern scientific knowledge is used to rescue butterflies. The money obtained from the sale of jewels will be used for grazing wild horses of the Exmoor pony breed in localities where endangered butterfly species appear. Scientists have actually proved this way of natural meadow care is much more suitable for butterflies than, for example, sheep grazing. Horses, unlike sheep, are original animal species in Europe. By grazing wild horses in meadows there arises a natural mosaic which is necessary for a number of butterflies and other animal species to survive.

(Photo: Viet Dinh)

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