No other person in the 21st century has saved as many lives as Elon Musk. The European Wildlife organization will nominate the American billionaire for the Nobel Peace Prize

2020 - 09 - 09

Air polluted by traffic and energy sources kills seven million people worldwide each year, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report. Air pollution annually kills more than 600,000 people in Europe.

According to the conservation organization European Wildlife, the revolutionary emission-free transport and energy technologies developed and produced by Tesla, the company of American billionaire Elon Musk, have the potential to save millions of lives every year. ‘No other person in the 21st century has been able to save as many lives as Elon Musk. Thanks to his personal commitment, talent and abilities, clean technologies began to gain ground in two key sectors – transport and energy. Nothing like this had ever been realised by anyone before him,’ said Dalibor Dostal, director of the European Wildlife organization, in acknowledgement of the contributions made by the American billionaire.

Although fossil transport and fossil energy still dominate overall, Tesla has managed to kick-start a key change. ‘More important than the current ratio of electric cars to cars with internal combustion engines is the trend that Elon Musk started,’ Dostal pointed out and continued: ‘Remember how electric cars were mocked a few years ago. Thanks to Tesla’s innovations, electric cars have acquired parameters that make cars with internal combustion engines look awkward in comparison.’

Tesla’s contribution is also key to the comprehensive approach it has linked to innovation in transport and energy. ‘The combination of solar energy, batteries and electric cars is the most important innovation since man first kindled a fire. While taming fire thousands of years ago allowed humanity to gradually dominate the world, the technologies that Tesla is working on give humanity a chance to eventually save the world,’ Dostal continued.

He pointed out that Elon Musk fundamentally changed several completely separate fields. From banking, when his company PayPal brought the basics of internet banking, through the automotive industry, energy to the space industry, when SpaceX was able to significantly reduce the cost of space flights. ‘Elon Musk restored the true meaning to the word innovation. Most global companies over the last hundred years have directed their “innovations” to two areas. The first is intentionally shortening the life of consumer products. The second is replacing natural products with plastic. It’s sad but true,’ Dostal commented.

According to him, the ethical dimension is what makes Tesla different from a large number of other companies. ‘Elon Musk has brought a completely new business ethics to the table. He sacrificed short-term, quick profits for long-term gain. Better said, it is a return to the traditional values that Europe has known since ancient times. The ancient Greeks did not judge a person by the amount of his property, but by what he did for society,’ recalled the director of the conservation organization European Wildlife.

By exchanging short-term profit for a long-term mission, Musk and Tesla have introduced so many key innovations. ‘Over the last few centuries, this is one of the most fascinating stories not only in the field of business, but in the history of our entire civilization. It’s not just one of the many successful start-up stories. We are watching a thrilling battle to save our planet,’ said Dostal. In addition to reducing smog, clean technologies in transport and energy reduce greenhouse gas emissions and represent the primary chance to halt global climate change. Transport and energy pose the main challenge for humanity in the 21st century.

Because of his vital contribution to the introduction of clean technologies, the European Wildlife conservation organization will nominate Elon Musk for the Nobel Peace Prize next year. Non-profit organizations in the field of nature protection cannot officially submit a proposal, so European Wildlife will initiate the proposal submission with members of national assemblies in selected European countries or in cooperation with professors at European universities.

In addition to praising Elon Musk himself, the director of European Wildlife also applauded investors such as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who invested in Tesla at a time when it was far from certain that it would gain a foothold in the market. Tesla employees, who are involved in the development and production of electric cars and energy systems also play a major role in the ongoing technological revolution. And often in extremely demanding conditions. ‘Since the time 300 Spartan warriors saved our world and our freedom from the darkness and tyranny coming from the Persian Gulf, our civilization has never owed so much for our future to such a small group of people. They are the real heroes of the technological age,’ said Dostal.

Without Elon Musk’s charisma, however, revolutionary technologies would not have taken hold so quickly and on such a large scale. ‘Almost everyone read The Lord of the Rings, but few understood it. The message of the book is simple. If you have a chance to save the world, you have to do it. Just like Elon Musk,’ concluded Dostal.

The European Wildlife organization was established in 2008. It was founded by political scientist and journalist Dalibor Dostal. Since then, the organization has become one of the leading conservation associations in Europe. In 2015, in a former military area near Prague, it opened the first natural reserve in the world where three key species of large European ungulates live – bison, wild horses and aurochs. Large ungulates in the reserve are helping to restore biodiversity while contributing to the adaptation of the landscape to climate change.

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