New wilderness: wisents, wild cats and wild bees are returning to nature

2012 - 03 - 12
New wilderness: wisents, wild cats and wild bees are returning to nature

Several animal species which have become extinct in the past such as wisents, wild cats and wild bees are going to return to nature of Central Europe. Their comeback is a part of a forthcoming project of European Centre of Biodiversity which is being prepared by European Wildife conservation organization.

“Some of those species were exterminated decades ago, some of them centuries ago. They all have one thing in common – they are all extremely important for local ecosystem,” says Dalibor Dostal, director of European Wildlife conservation organization.

Organization´s program focusing on the return of the wisent into central European nature was already introduced last year. Presently, another two reintroductory programs are being prepared.

And what do all those projects have in common? Besides their contribution towards the nature regeneration, they also have a positive economic effect on society.

For instance, the wisent can bring benefits by grazing natural pastures. At present, grasslands are being man-cut and this costly activity has to be financed from public budgets. On top of that, it is often performed incorrectly, which results in the inability to halt the extinction of many endangered species – butterflies for example.

The return of wild cats is going to help decrease populations of over-reproduced rodents which cause damage in the forests and limit their natural regeneration. Wild bees can be an alternative to the populations of native bees which suffer from various diseases and which, in recent years, have been threatened by colony collapse disorder.

Wild cats, wild bees and wisents are going to be released in protected lanscape areas located on the borders of the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria as well as in former military premises which offer suitable conditions for life of those animal species. Presently, European Wildlife organization in cooperation with experts in the field is about to bring to life all the reintroduction projects. First animals should be released into nature in 2013.

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