National Geographic, BBC, Forbes, Die Welt, Focus… World media report on European Wildlife

2014 - 02 - 28

Cooperation with top experts and attractive projects in nature conservation have brought the attention of leading world media to the conservation organization European Wildlife in the past months. The projects are noticed by on-line issues of magazines and newspapers such as National Geographic, BBC, Forbes, Die Welt, Focus and others.

„We are trying to make our projects in the way they would be based on the latest scientific findings and at the same time we are working with big species of animals which wake up emotions in the public. We are very glad our projects are noticed by leading world and European media. Their interest helps us attract the public attention, which is very important to us,” thanked Dalibor Dostal, Director of the conservation organization European Wildlife.

National Geographic focused attention on the projects of back-breeding of aurochs, which European Wildlife participates in, in its article How to resurrect Lost Species focused on projects which try to return the species exterminated by man in the last centuries to the Earth. The same project is pointed out by BBC in its article devoted to the aurochs. And finally, the aurochs has caught the attention of Forbes magazine which focusses on the aurochs and primitive beef cattle breeds in an article focused on natural food.

The German magazine Focus has concentrated on exterminated animal species returning back to European nature, including a reintroduction project of the European bison. The German national daily newspaper Die Welt devotes attention to the return of wild animals to Germany.

The projects of the conservation organization European Wildlife got the attention of other media in Europe, too, for example all-European Pan European Networks, but also media in the USA, Australia, Africa or Asia. Attention to the projects was also given by a significant worldwide magazine focused on wild nature Wildlife Extra, for instance on the sad fate of bears in Austria.

European Wildlife

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