European countries have contributed to the protection of biodiversity in the seas

2010 - 09 - 24

The European Wildlife conservation organization has applauded today’s decision by the Ministers of the Environment of the European Union, who have agreed on creating several protected zones in the Atlantic Ocean, where fishing will be prohibited. This decision will result in creation of the first network of such areas in the world, which will not fall under the protection of the government of one country, but will be protected internationally.

“The European Union has taken a leading role worldwide in the protection of biological diversity for several years now. Today’s decision by the Ministers of the Environment of fifteen EU countries is very important with regard to the protection of biodiversity in the seas, the ecosystem of which is being affected primarily by intensive fishing”, said the director of the European Wildlife conservation association Dalibor Dostal in appreciation of the step taken by the EU member states.

Protection of marine ecosystems has remained outside the scope of public and government interest. While approximately 12.5 percent of the land is now protected, only one percent of the world’s seas are protected.

Declaration of a network of protected areas in the Atlantic is not only important for the protection of the seas in the area, but also as an inspiration to governments of countries elsewhere in the world, to devote more attention to marine conservation.

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