Eastern Europe will be threaten by big droughts in twenty years, a study warns

2013 - 02 - 28

The countries of Eastern Europe can be threaten by big drought in next twenty years. It is brought to the attention by a publication of an American intelligence service National Intelligence Council. It sums up global trends and possible development directions until the year 2030.

The report warns that about the year 2030 water can be a bigger dispute object in the world than mineral wealth and energy. In Europe, in the train of climate changes, there moreover threatens the formation of a dry land strip which will affect Bulgaria, a part of Romania and the west of the Ukraine, and across the east of Poland it will reach the Baltic Sea.

According to experts this can cause a significant food price growth and an inflow of refugees from the affected countries to other European states.

“There can be seen that the problems which are being struggled with in a lot of countries of the Third World now can just within one generation hit also a significant part of Europe,” commented the study conclusions Dalibor Dostal, the director of the European Wildlife conservation organisation. The price growth, as the experts say, will concern mainly wheat. With the advancement of global warming many agricultural areas will cease to be suitable for its growing. And what is more, rising temperature will lead to a bigger spread of pests all around Europe.


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