A wolf has been seen on the Finnish Aland Islands after 30 years

2012 - 02 - 24
A wolf has been seen on the Finnish Aland Islands after 30 years

On the Aland Island in the south-west of Finland has been seen a wolf for the first time in thirty years. The last confirmed watching gives evidence of this canine in the area at the beginnings of the 80s of the last century. Finnish television YLE informed about it.

On a remote Aland island Jurmo near the land people found traces which apparently belonged to a wolf. Kaj Lundberg then managed to take a photo of the animal from the distance of about 400 metres. The scientists who saw the picture agreed it is really a wolf.

The population of wolves in Finland was estimated by experts at 135 to 185 individuals last year. The office gave a permission for shooting 22 of these animals.

The Aland Islands with an extensive autonomy are a demilitarized area of Finland. This privince is inhabited by about 28, 000 people. Contrary to a continental Finland where the official languages are Finnish, Swedish and Lappish, here the official language is exclusively Swedish.

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