A tenth large ungulate reserve has been created in Central Europe thanks to the European Wildlife conservation organization

2021 - 12 - 08

The tenth large ungulate reserve in Central Europe was opened today. Conservationists released wild horses into wetland meadows near Nyrany in the west of the Czech Republic. It is the third large ungulate reserve in the region, and the tenth reserve of its type to be created in Central Europe with the involvement of European Wildlife.

“The wetlands are located in the place of a former pond. It is a place of interest for nature conservation because of the spontaneous formation of wetland communities owing to the activity of beavers. The complex of damp to waterlogged meadows with enclaves of drier habitats and pools is a biotope or a migration stopover for several endangered bird species, such as the common white-eye, the whinchat, or the common crane,” says Miloslav Jirku from the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Ten large ungulate reserves have been created in Central Europe within seven years of the pilot project. “The first large ungulate reserve was created in 2015 in the former military training area of Milovice. We are delighted that this effective way of taking care of the landscape has caught on. In the coming months, another reserve should be established in Krnov in the north-east of the Czech Republic,” says Dalibor Dostal, director of the European Wildlife conservation organization, which has directly established several large herbivores reserves, and provided wild horses, bison or back-brad aurochs for other nature reserves.

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