A big day for the environment in Europe. The opening of a Tesla factory in Berlin today paves the way for sustainable transport

2022 - 03 - 22

Europe has made another important step towards switching over to sustainable mobility today. The start of production of the world’s most important manufacturer of electric vehicles in Europe was appreciated by the European Wildlife conservation organization.

“Today’s opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin is a major step towards clean mobility on the continent. It is the first company that is capable of manufacturing electric cars on a large scale and, at the same time, it does not manufacture any combustion-engine cars that are damaging to the environment,” Dalibor Dostal, director of the European Wildlife conservation organization, expressed his appreciation.

According to him, it is the fact that Tesla focuses exclusively on clean technologies in particular that makes it different from most other car makers that have started manufacturing electric vehicles in recent years but continue to produce petrol- or diesel-fuelled cars at the same time.

A faster adoption of electric vehicles could contribute to a marked decrease in air pollution in Europe. “In Europe polluted air kills up to 800 thousand people every year. Internal combustion engine vehicles play a significant role in this tragedy. It is car makers focusing solely on electric vehicles in particular that may change this sad statistics significantly for the better,” added Dalibor Dostal. Previous estimates stated that smog takes the lives of about 400 thousand people in Europe a year. More precise scientific studies published independently of one another in the professional journals European Heart Journal and PNAS in recent years have shown that the tragic record is much worse and that considerably more inhabitants die in Europe due to polluted air, specifically 800 thousand people per year.

The European Wildlife conservation organisation also points out that the attention of companies and institutions monitoring air quality and the health of the population should not concentrate exclusively on cars. “Garden lawn mowers, motor saws and brush cutters may pose a similar risk to the atmosphere. Available data show that equipment with combustion engines in particular generates comparable or even greater pollution than cars in some countries. Such information was published, for example, in California some time ago,” added Dalibor Dostal.

The European Wildlife conservation organization is heading towards emission-free operation as well. “The next car of ours will be powered by electricity for sure. At the same time, we are gradually switching over to emission-free operation in other areas as well. We will be buying battery-powered equipment also in areas such as brush cutters, motor saws and other tools that are used as part of landscape management, especially to remove invasive bushes or woody plants,” added Dalibor Dostal.

The European Wildlife is leading conservation organization in Europe. The best-known project set up by this organization is a large herbivore nature reserve called the European Serengeti. The reserve was established in the former military training area Milovice in 2015. Herds of wild horses, European bison and back-bred aurochs help restore and preserve the landscape in it. At present, it covers an area of about 350 hectares.

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