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European Wildlife is a Pan-European non-profit organization dedicated to nature preservation and environmental protection. Our key objective is to conserve biological diversity and to reduce the impact of climatic changes on nature and humankind.

That is why we are creating a network of non-state nature reserves aimed at helping endangered species of plants and animals to survive or to return to areas where, in the past, they were exterminated.

As a part of our effort there are two big projects:

The first one being the European Center of Biodiversity, a reserve emerging on the border of three states in Central Europe which should become something like a ‘Noahs Ark‘ for the majority of European species,
The second project targeting the regeneration of natural forests in the Mediterranean – this should significantly reduce the impact of climatic changes in the countries of Southern Europe and even the whole continent of Europe.

The criteria we apply in our work is not only ecological, but also economical. Regeneration of natural and close-to-natural ecosystems can cut expenditure of tax payers on the enviromental tax – whether it is the money coming from the budgets of national states or the budgets of European institutions.
Experience from the recent years proved that the regeneration of already functional ecosystem is the cheapest way of looking after the countryside.

By doing our work we would like to contribute to the recovery of the environment for all European countries and their inhabitants, along with fulfiling the objectives of the European Commission, Council of Europe and also of the individual states of the continent in the area of nature protection.

European Wildlife

„Only one per cent of European Wilderness remains. Help us protect it!“

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