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European Wildlife is creating a network of non-state reserves in those European countries connected by biocorridors. It has been proved to be one of the most effective ways of conserving species of plants and animals through the experience of many world countries.

Our second target is to fight the global changes of climate which are a serious threat for European biodiversity. One of the most effective ways is planting of trees that help to absorb greenhouse gasses. That is why we are trying to afforest land not suitable for farming and to increase forest coverage in individual countries of the EU. An average size tree absorbs 12 kilograms of carbon dioxide every year and a medium forested hectare absorbs 3.5 tons!

We are aiming to connect Northern, Eastern and Southern European areas with well-preserved biodiversity through a net of functional biocorridors. The natural migration of preserved and endangered species within the individual regions is one of the key conditions for the conservation of biodiversity in Europe.

A key step towards the conservation of European nature and towards supporting further development of the whole continent and preservation of its habitants’ levels of living, is to reduce the impact of the global warming in the Mediterranean. Therefore in the years to come, it is essential to focus on regeneration of Mediterranean forests – both scientifically and financially. The temperature rise may make the land uninhabitable not only for a number of plant and animal species, but it can also cause a collapse to both local tourist trade and economics in certain EU countries in the Mediterranean.

European Wildlife

„Only one per cent of European Wilderness remains. Help us protect it!“

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