The first time in a hundred years. A young of the Golden Eagle was born in the Czech Republic

2013 - 06 - 07
The first time in a hundred years. A young of the Golden Eagle was born in the Czech Republic

The first young of the Golden Eagle after more than one hundred years was born in the Czech Republic in the past days. It came into the world in the woods of military training area Libava in the east part of the country. Both parents of the young come from Slovakia where there lives a stable population of the Golden Eagle.

In the Czech Republic the Golden Eagle was totally exterminated in 1926. Its return is therefore very good news for local nature. „Every year we can hear the news about irrecoverable losses of biology variety caused by human from various parts of the world. That is why it is very pleasing to hear the biodiversity again recovers somewhere,“ commented the birth of the first Golden Eagle in the Czech Republic Dalibor Dostal, director of conservation organisation European Wildlife.

In the whole Europe there nest about 5, 500 couples of the Golden Eagle till now. This bird of prey has a wing span of 190 to 220 centimetres, it weighs 3 to 6.7 kilogrammes. In the nature the birds can live to the age of 38 years, in captivity of 50 years and more.

The Czech Republic together with Ireland belongs to few European countries where human completely exterminated the Golden Eagle. In Ireland there began an reintroduction programme of the Golden Eagle return in 2001, in the Czech Republic one local conservation organisation started with it in 2006. Eagles reared in captivity, however, still face attacks of poachers. Last year a couple of the eagle disappeared without leaving a trace and another male was shot dead by poachers. Other two females were poisoned by an unknown offender in 2009 and 2011.

Eagles released into the nature under the reintroduction project tried to nestle unsuccessfully in 2010 and 2011. The first young after more than one hundred years was born to a couple which comes from wildlife, it is not a part of the reintroduction project, and it flew in to the Czech Republic from neighbour Slovakia.

In Ireland the first young of the Golden Eagle, after the return of this species to that nature, was born in 2007.


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