For the first time in the world. Wild horses, wisents and aurochs in one nature reserve

2015 - 12 - 06

Europe has had a world rarity since today. The former military training area Milovice in the Czech Republic has become the first place where all three crucial species of large herbivores of Europe appear. It means wild horses, wisents and aurochs.

“A similar sight has not come along for maybe …

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For the first time in the world. Wild horses, wisents and aurochs in one nature reserve

Who we are?

European Wildlife is a Pan-European non-profit organization dedicated to nature conservation and landscape protection. Our key objective is to conserve biological diversity on the continent and to reduce the impact of climate changes on European nature and human society.

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Climate change

Global warming is a worldwide threat, however, what is primarily endangered is European nature. Over the past millenia, the climate change accompanying the ice-ages has deprived Europe of more plant and animal species than in other continents.

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Haven’t we all at least once read about the African wilderness, South American rainforests or Asian alpine mountains? Although for most of us the wilderness conveys a symbol of far away and exotic places, it is also in Europe where the nature stays as fettered as it had been centuries ago.

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European Wildlife photogallery: view into wilderness

  • European Wildlife - Harbour Seal under water. - Photo: / Gerard Lacz
  • European Wildlife - Two of the brown bear cubs play in the grass at the wildlife park of Poing, southern Germany.  - Photo: / Andreas Gebert
  • European Wildlife - Beautiful landscape of Norway. - Photo: Samphotostock / Bartłomiej Senkowski
  • European Wildlife - Photo: Isifa
  • European Wildlife - Fall colours in Koli national park, Finland. - Photo: Samphotostock / Luca Manieri
  • European Wildlife - Eurasian Jay. - Photo:
  • European Wildlife - Photo: Isifa
  • European Wildlife - Photo: Isifa
  • European Wildlife - Spring blanket of bluebells on the woodland floor at the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Photo: / Mark Stewart

European Wildlife

„Only one per cent of European Wilderness remains. Help us protect it!“

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